Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 72 - Baptisms, KelsEn cookies, and beta mission in Mexico for iPads. YEAH!

Kelsen (altered by Dad to Kelson) Cookies. YUM!

Hello friends and family!

This week has been ABSOLUTELY crazy! I LOVED it!! I wish I could tell you all the happened...let me give it a shot!

Service Project - breaking off cement blocks from a house
On Monday my companion and I did service at a recent convert´s house breaking off blocks of her castle-shaped house! Apparently she had problems with it because her house was going to a be a Preschool but they ended up changing their mind and they were getting hassles for it...anyways, long story short we took some sledge hammers to it and it was LOTS of fun!

On Tuesday I went on divisions with Elder Duran and it was great! He got a package from home with some butter cookies and guess what the brand name was! Kelsen! That´s SO close...Some of the highlights of those divisions were when we asked a drunk guy how he was feeling and he said "great" and got up and started dancing to prove it...and when the boiler in Elder Duran´s house caught on fire. We´re getting that fixed, don´t you worry, Mom!
Boiler at one of the Elder's apartment catches on fire when
it turns on. OOPS!  Getting that fixed :)
Saturday was one of the BUSIEST days of my WHOLE mission. We started the day getting everything ready for Sergio´s baptism at 4PM and then had an English class at 11AM. From 11AM till our lunch we had to do 6 baptismal interviews, I got to do 5! After eating, we went back to the baptism which was AWESOME!

Sergio's Baptism!
I got to baptize Sergio and he was so excited. His Mom had a problem years ago and had her leg removed and now is in a wheel-chair. She hasn't been excited to talk to us or anything, but when Sergio was going out the door to his baptism she asked if she could go with him wherever it was he was going and he said sure! She got there and Sergio told us she didn't know why she was there and what was happening...but she figured it out and was a good sport about it! She actually came to church on Sunday when Sergio was confirmed! I also got to confirm him!

After the baptism we did divisions with Elder Rodríguez and Elder Sazo to be able to get all the baptismal clothing for the 6 people that were going to be baptized Sunday morning. We had to do a lot of running around and going to other wards but everything worked out!

Elizabeth's Baptism by her cousin Luis who
is heading on a mission!
Now remember Elizabeth? She has been wanting to be baptized but she didn't have permission from her parents. Her uncle and aunt and cousins are active members so they went to talk with her dad. Her Aunt called me right before Sergio´s Baptism and told me that she had permission and she wanted to be baptized on Sunday!! Luckily Elder Rodríguez was near by, so he came and did her baptismal interview!

She was baptized at 3PM yesterday (Sunday) by her cousin, Luis who is preparing to go on a mission! The coolest part was not only did Elizabeth´s parents give her permission, they CAME to her baptism! It was a beautiful experience!

Elder Oaks is coming!
Okay and BIG NEWS! We just received the news that Elder Dallin H. Oaks will be coming to our mission on April 16th to speak to us! And on the 17th of April he will speak to our Stake in Stake Conference! WOW!

AND OTHER BIG NEWS! We were just approved (our mission) to be the beta mission for iPads in Mexico. They have had the permission for a few months now, but they are rolling it out now! So....I´M WRITING THIS FROM MY IPAD!! My companion and I have both have 2 new iPad Minis! It´s pretty awesome, actually!

Well that´s all for this week, Happy April Fools Day this week (that should explain the iPads). I love you all!!

-Elder Davies


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  1. The photos with the letter make such a great journal for his mission. Lots of work but it's priceless. I love the letters.