Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 75 - New Companion & Elder Oaks! Elder Oaks! (shook his hand twice :) )

New Companion: Elder Cux (Mayan name pronounced "Koosh")
Hello friends and family,

I have had an absolutely incredible experience this weekend. Well, we had our mission conference with Elder Oaks. We took a group picture with all the missionaries and him and then he shook all of our hands before the devotional started. We were in the choir so we got to sing two musical numbers and after the second one we sat down on the front two rows on the left side and got to hear his talk. Elder Oaks is an Apostle of God, I received that confirmation various times during his visit to our mission and our stakes. I finally understood what Alma was trying to explain in Alma 5 about having the image of God in our Countenance, he sure has that image in his.
Elder Oaks with the Mexico City East Mission
Elder Oaks addressing the Conference
On Sunday we also had the chance to hear from him as he spoke in a special stake conference with our stake (Vergel) and my old stake (Aragon). The conference was to start at 9AM but we wanted to get there nice and early so we actually showed up at about 7:45. At 8:15 I looked up and suddenly there was Elder Oaks walking in the large room of the multi-stkae center. He went and, starting with the choir and then the congregation, shook EVERY PERSON´S HAND. There were about 250 of us there at this time and about 20 minutes later, when he had finished, he left again until the conference started.

I wish I could share with you all the wonderful spiritual insights I received but I think the most important thing I could share with you would be the power and simplicity of his testimony of Jesus Christ. When he testified the Spirit did also that what he was saying was true.

On another note, today we had transfers. I stayed in my area and I´m with and Elder named Elder Cux (pronounced Koosh, it´s a mayan name) from Guatemala! He has 16 months in his mission and is a great missionary from all I´ve been able to see so far! We have a lot of work ahead of us but we are glad for it. Elder Perez was transferred to a zone that´s about 15 minutes in the other direction from the Temple, so he didn´t go too far! Every companionship had a change in our 8-companionship Zone so we will have lots of new people to work with and we are EXCITED!

Highlights of this week:
-Shaking Elder Oaks hand (TWICE!)
-I saw a lady leave her house holding a mapache (That´s a racoon. Yes. A racoon.)
-It´s raining outside, it just started out of nowhere!
-I got a new companion

I know this church is true and I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the World. I know that by and through his atoning sacrifice we can not only be clean but we can be better and we can change. I know that God lives and he loves us all and he is aware of every single one of us.

I love you all,

Elder Davies

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