Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 74 - Lasagna, Choir for Elder Oaks & "noticed that all my weeks are fantastic??"

Zone Picture in front of the Mexico City Temple

Dear Friends and Family and Los Demás,
(Note from dad: Los Demas = everyone else... so not a friend or family, then who? HAHA!)

How are you?!

This week was fantastic!! Have you noticed that all my weeks are fantastic?? I am just so lucky to be on a mission where every week is just FANTASTIC!

Lasagna!  Not a common dish in Mexico City :)
We had a Zone Class on Tuesday and some Elders randomly brought Lasagna! What?! I don´t know where it came from still, it tasted good so WHO knows! It has been many moons since I've eaten lasagna. Mmm.

I am part of a choir of 30 missionaries that are going to sing in our Mission Conference with Elder Oaks on Saturday and it´s coming along! We only have had one practice and we only get one more, but it should work out! We will be singing Battle Hymn of the Republic for the special hymn during the conference and a hymn that is only in Spanish for the prelude (It´s called Oíd el Toque del Clarín for all you Spanish missionaries!).

Yesterday Elizabeth was confirmed by her Uncle and it was so great! After that Sergio received the Aaronic Priesthood during the third hour of church. He´s getting ready to bless the sacrament next week! I´m so happy for him!

Well just so you all know next Monday will be transfers and I will write you that some Monday so I think I won´t have Wednesday P-days anymore, just so you all are aware!

Thank you all for all the love and support! I wish you all a very happy week and don´t forget to pray and read your scriptures!!


Elder Davies

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