Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 71 - Giving a "High Council" Talk and "That's not my truck!"

Outside a random store - showing off his new tie (Preparation Day)

Hello Friends and Family!

This week was really busy, but nothing too out of the ordinary!

Sergio is doing REALLY good, we had a couple really great lessons with him this week with members that came with us and this week the Bishop is going to come and visit him with us. He is making lots of good changes and keep praying he can live the Word of Wisdom! He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, really he just needs to meet his goals for the Word of Wisdom and TO THE WATER!!

Elizabeth is doing great, but we need your prayers! She wants to be baptized this week but she will need her dad´s signature because she is 17 still...pray for them that everything can work out well! We hope that within the next couple of weeks we can get a signature and get things going! She is just so great!

Yesterday in church about 5 minutes before sacrament meeting began my bishop came up behind me and said, "The high councilman that was going to speak didn't show...could you and your companion give two talks that are about 10 minutes long?" I love being a missionary because we are just ALWAYS ready and excited to give talks! I talked about the Day of Rest and Fasting and fast offerings, it was pretty fun!

Last night we had a mission devotional for two stakes given by our Mission President. It wasn't really announced anywhere so only about 20 people showed up but it was a great presentation about the Book of Mormon! Our President is awesome!

On Saturday we did service and helped a family move from the ward next to our to our ward. The other Elders also helped us, so when we got there the brother showed us the big bags of stuff we were gonna move so we carried it out of the house to the truck that was outside and loaded them in the back. It was getting kinda full and the brother came out and said, "Wow, nice truck! Is that yours?!" We got a good laugh and kept working. Then we realized that the truck literally was not his and he was not joking. So we ran out and took everything out HAHA! He was like wait that´s not your truck?! So guess what we did? We moved everything WALKING!! Luckily it was only about half a mile or so but the stove was pretty difficult. We took a lot of bags, beds, etc. over to the new house. The stove weighed just under 4 trillion pounds and we had it in an old shopping cart and the four of us pushed it over to the the new house then hauled up three stories HAHA! It was a good work out for sure! #Mexico

Well I didn't get a chance to really take any pictures in the week so I just took one outside a random store to show off my American tie because do you know what day it is today? P-DAY!! #Merica

I love you all and I KNOW this church is true! I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he loves each and every one of us! Have a GREAT and make good choices!


Elder Davies
Looking down at his tie from above :)

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