Thursday, March 3, 2016

Week 68 - Survived transfers and LDS Art

Hey friends and family!
So we had transfers this week and GUESS WHAT!!!!
Nothing happened! Almost nothing! Only one sister left the zone because her companion is training a new sister! We are all really excited we get to stay together another cycle! So that means I am going to be another cycle with Elder Pérez!
So fun news! In my first area we found a less-active family and they had an AWESOME son named Victor that baptized his niece right after I left...well, he´s going on a mission! He emailed me last week and he is heading the the Mexico Torreón mission! WAHOO!! I am super excited for him!
Temple Visitor Center
Last Monday we went with the Mares family to the Visitors´ Center and that was AWESOME! Sent a few pictures! Little Ingrid is just so adorable!
On Friday we had a ward Family Home Evening and it was great! A couple weeks ago we found a family of 25 ish and about half of them are members, the other half are kids, about 6 or 7 of them aren't members yet because their family went less-active 11 years ago...well we got like half of them to the Family Home Evening! There are so many kids in that house. Like so many. And I made the mistake of showing them the magic trick my Dad would always do where he makes his ring disappear and they all think I´m magic so I have to do lots of magic every time I go...By the way, thanks for that magic trick dad! I have baffled many, young and old!
Okay so the latest news is I thing I MAY be part Mexican. Like lineage. I realized that while we were eating on Sunday with a family and we were talking about how Utah was part of Mexico for a while when the saints arrived...I think 2 years? I didn't pay too much attention in History class but I think the whole Guadalupe Hidalgo thing went down like 1848 or something just a couple short years after the Saints got there...well the things is I don´t know if my ancestors that were pioneers were born between 1846 and 1848 but now I´m REALLY curious because if so I´m gonna start telling everyone, "No I´m from the U.S. but my great, great, great grandparents are from Mexico!" I actually told that to a drunk guy yesterday and he thought that was pretty neat...I hope I wasn't lying! Okay maybe none of my ancestors were born there but they at least lived there so I can say my ancestors moved to Mexico and they never moved away again...There it is! Braedon, there´s your homework get back to me!
Well today was a good day! We went to Sam´s club and bought some food and ate a Dominos Pizza, so all is well!
I love you all so much! Have a GREAT week!
Elder Davies
P.S. If you look closely (at the picture below) you will notice Greg Olsen´s work of John baptizing Jesus on the store´s banner. (It is fun to see LDS) Gospel Art printed out (usually heavily distorted size wise, etc.), (posted) on a random store with food, milk, snacks, etc. HAHA #MexicanMoment

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