Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 67 - Dumbledore & more Luchador pics

More Luchador Photos - They are teaching a family who's
dad is a legit Luchador fighter. HAHA!

Hey my beloved family and friends!

I´m in Mexico. Just in case y´all forgot about that...sometimes I do then I walk outside! HAHA! I love Mexico!

This week was a good week, not a lot of news. We contacted a guy who said the missionaries taught him before but we didn't really believe him...we asked what their names were and he said, " was named Peter.....and the other one was named John." We kinda just started laughing because we thought he was joking but he was trying to be serious haha! And as we left there was a guy in a window waving at us and he looked JUST like Dumbledore but he was just horrifically drunk but we told him to come down and had a very good chat with him. He kept laughing and saying the craziest thing but he was a nice guy...we´re gonna go try to find him not drunk because I like him a lot!

We had divisions on Tuesday, I went with on of District Leaders (Elder Rodríguez) and we got to have some fun! It´s pretty weird because they attend the church building from my first area, Bosques, so it´s weird when we have to go back there...But someone gave us some cake and we ate a little bit and it was Coffee Cake #Whoops. We didn't finish it. :o

Today while I was washing laundry I saw a guy puking in the street so we took him so water and some napkins...we talked to him for a bit and he was going to try and get back with his wife and he had been drinking...but after all he was a good guy but didn't want to listen to us...but that was a random thing that happened like a half hour ago.

Well I love you all so much! I hope you have a GREAT week! Sorry I didn't take any pictures this week, next week I´ll take lots! We have transfers next week so I won´t write until Wednesday!


Elder Davies

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