Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 66 - Tennis rules anyone? Wings and Luchador Masks :)

Preparation Day - Elder Sazo's Birthday Tennis Party!
Hola mis queridos familiares y amigos! (Hello my beloved family & friends)

¿Cómo están? This week was AWESOME! Today was Elder Sazo´s Birthday (he's in my Zone) so we played Tennis and ate WINGS!! AMERICAN WINGS! We went to a Wingstop they just opened here by Elder Sazo´s Church building and they were DELICIOUS! I definitely am going to go back there a lot...
Elder Sazo's Birhday Party - Wings!
I haven´t played Tennis in FOREVER and no one really remembered how to play so we kinda had to make up rules as we went, but I think in the end we turned out playing somewhat how we should play...the point is, it was lots of fun!

I got to do divisions with two Elders this week, with Elder Guerra (the Assistant) and Elder García, the companion of one of our district leaders. They are both from a State called Chihuahua, which I came to find out is the Texas of Mexico in size and country music. Elder García knows who Alan Jackson is!!! WHAT?! I just about wanted to start crying when I found that out! And Speaking of Texas, the Mares family that was baptized last week has a friend visiting them that grew up in Texas! His parents were from Mexico but she lived all his life there and now is retired so he bought some land down here and is here half the year. I love Texan accents!!

A family they are teaching is a "Luchador" and has these
fun masks. His son is wearing one behind them.
And speaking of the Mares family, they were all confirmed this week! We also got 6 people to church, all of which are progressing a lot so we are excited for them!

The family of the luchador is progressing a lot! We went with them and he let me put on some luchador masks!! That was crazy!! The pictures are of me with Elder García and Axel, the luchador´s little Kid. They all came to church even though Fernando (the luchador) didn´t get home from work until 5:30AM and we stopped by at 7 to go with them! YES!

Well, everything is great here in Mexico City! Just living the dream and learning lots! Thanks for all the love and support, I wish you all the very best this week!


Elder Davies

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