Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 49 - Parable of the Goats

As his Dad, I have to say it's hard not to smile around Kelson :)

Hey friends and family!

Another very busy week!! I learned a great lesson from two goats today, listen up.

As I was talking to an investigator with my companion in her doorway, we heard the sound of goats crying so naturally we turned around. About a hundred feet away we saw a man who was leading two goats with a rope around their neck. As they got closer, we all realized that the man was clearly taking them to a slaughter house to make them into tacos or something. Everyone in the street was just watching. As they got closer, I saw something that surprised me. Of the two goats, a mother and her little baby son, only ONE of them was tied up with the rope, the baby goat wasn't attached to anyone or anything in any way! As the man began to kick the mother a little to get her to go into the door of the slaughter house, I thought, ´Why don´t you run, little baby goat?! You´re not tied up! Don´t you know what will happen to you in there?!´ Then I learned a great lesson.

Just like Satan, the enemy of the family, this man knew that all he needed to to was take control of the mother goat and the baby goat would simply follow her, even to their deaths. Satan has come to know the same truth, and that is why his attack on the family will usually start with the mother and father of a family. If he can simply get them chained up, he won´t have to worry much about their children, they will follow them wherever it may be that he takes their parents. So, let´s be careful what we do. That doesn´t mean that all the responsibility is over the parent´s shoulders, however. The same lesson can apply to friends, leaders, teacher, boyfriends/girlfriends, so BE CAREFUL! There are only two shepherds in this world: one will lead by force, ropes, chains, and lies to the depths of Hell and the other leads with love, example, and invitation. Let us follow the Good Shepherd, the Son of the Living God.

I had another very testimony building moment of Service this week. As we were talking to a mother and her son in the street, we were inviting them to let us come to their home and teach them. We explained that we don´t just teach the Gospel, but we do service as well! We clean clothes, wash dishes, sweep, mop, etc.! As we were saying that, a little old lady walked by and said, "They are telling the truth! After they re-tiled our apartment building and left dust EVERYWHERE on our 5-floor building, they came and swept the WHOLE building!" My companion and I were shocked, but grateful that an act of service had made enough of an impact on someone that she felt to share it in a random conversation in the street. #Service

Last night my companion and I organized a devotional for the Stake for Recent Converts and Investigators! It was FANTASTIC! Over 75 people showed up which is great for very little notice! It´s so important that these people feel support and have spiritual experiences as many are making the choice to be baptized and others have recently made that decision!

Well, next P-day will be the 28th of October (Wednesday), so I´m most likely not dead if I don´t write on Monday. I sure do love you all, have a GREAT week!!


Elder Davies

An interesting decoration on a corner they found

More interesting decorations outside a home. Halloween or "Dia de los muertos?"

Mural on a wall in their area

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