Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 36 - Julio's Baptism & Nacho Libre Corn

Julio's Baptism!

Hey everyone!

This week was absolutely incredible!

Julio got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday! He'll be getting the priesthood this next week! (See week 34) He is so fantastic and he was SO ready to be baptized! After his baptism, his wife (who is a member) came to us and said we would always be part of their lives! That was so great! We did the baptismal interview on Friday night at 8 because it's SO hard to find another time with him, so our Zone Leader, Elder Mejia, came and he was on divisions with the Assistants, so one of the Assistants came too! It got really late, so they ended up staying with us in our house because we have 4 mattresses! Sleepover! They are some really great Elders, we are blessed with some incredible missionaries in our mission!
So last week I was walking with Elder Maluia who is also from Utah in Walmart and I was like are those pop tarts and he was just like,"That's not funny, lets go check out!" BUT THEY WERE! THEY GOT A SPECIAL IMPORT OF POP TARTS TO WALMART! We got so stoked when we saw it was for real and bought a bunch haha! Also they had Sour Skittles which we bought! WOW! It was like Christmas all over again.

So after Julios baptism we went to drop off all our stuff at the other missionaries house we used for the baptism because our house was further and it was gonna rain an we had an appointment, but on the way home we bought Nacho Libre corn to celebrate. It is so gross when you know what it is, it's just mayo and chile but it's pretty good! I can't believe I just barely tried that for the first time!
"Nacho Libre" Movie had corn like this. Thus the name "Nacho Libre Corn"
I got permission to go with Elder Rodriguez to Bosques so he could say goodbye to the members and our converts! Things are going really well there! Some other people I was teaching got baptized there, that is always the most exciting news! The things you actually get to see that happen in the mission are so little, the results are 10, 20, 30 years from now when the 10 year old kid you baptized is Stake President or someone goes on a mission! I love this work because we can't even comprehend what we are doing. This work is just SO much bigger than any of us think! I love meeting members that have lots of time in the church that are converts and they have the coolest conversion stories and the missionaries that taught them don't even know how dedicated they are to the church and the effect they have had on so many other people! I think that will be something so fun in the next life when we get to see each other and see how the Lord worked through every one of us to bring us all home safe and sound! I look forward to that!

Family from Bosques they taught. Kelson was given permission to go with
Elder Rodriguez (1st companion) to visit people before he want home.
We went to Jardines (my second area) after we went to Bosques and ate with a family and they are SO amazing! Sister Perales cooked us SPAGHETTI! Like it tasted AMERICAN! SOOOO delicious! Then we ate Chicken Cordon Bleu. Wow. They love me! The Perales family also got me a jar of chocolates and a SWEET pen with Elder Davies engraven on it! It is the nicest pen I've ever had. It makes me want to sign my name on everything.

My companion is learning lots! He is a convert of 3 years and he is the only member in his family, so I bet that has got to be so hard but here he is! He will be a great a missionary (and already is!).

We are getting all buckled up for the Temple Open House, we are gonna get SOOO many references, and we are gonna be RUNNING from house to house, I am so excited, I can't even tell you! The Cultural Celebration is going to be broadcast so I will get to see it from our Stake Center I think, I'm excited for that too!!

Well I love you all, I hope you are doing well!

-Elder Davies

Kelson bought this Ukulele and loves to play it now and then

The Baptismal Font at Julio's baptism

KFC... Kanzas Fried Chicken. Everyone knows that, right?

Pen given to Kelson by the Xalostoc Family in Jardines.  They apparently heard
he was coming back with Elder Rodriguez and made some special food for them too!

Xalostoc Family in Jardines

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