Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 18 - Just a quick note from Mexico City East mission

Random vendor wearing a BYU shirt - he has no idea what BYU means. HAHA!

Hey everyone!

So we have been super busy this P-day running around shopping, cleaning, washing laundry and all that fun stuff so this is going to a be short weekly!

Well this week we had a District Meeting and we set some awesome goals to get new investigators and help them progress and we have had tons of success! We met a family a couple weeks ago that is a single mom, Dulce, and her 4 kids all under the age of 9. She is so sweet (Dad: ironic Dulce = sweet, haha!) and willing to learn but she also has a lot on her hands with 4 children, at least one of which I was know for sure was born prematurely but they all LOVE coming to church so how great is that! We have baptismal dates for Dulce and her oldest daughter, Damaris, in the next few weeks so we hope everything goes well and they keep coming to church!

We were worried about Dulce´s parents because they all live together and her parents are very Catholic, but one day we stopped by and started talking to her dad and it started to rain so they invited us to come in and we ended up having a great chat with her parents! Turns out her dad is a construction accountant and their company is working on 3 Mormon Chapels right now! They don't want to to come to church, but they are excited for the opportunity for their daughter and grandchildren. 

Everything else is really great here! I ate some amazing Chicken just barely with some members that love us so I am super happy! Love you all so much and take care!

Elder Davies

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