Saturday, November 12, 2016

Week 104 - Two Years Ago Today and Fridge MovingMovi

Moving an old fridge out of their apartment - A tight squeeze!

Nov 11, 2016

Hello Friends and Family!

Elder Rafael E. Pino - LDS General Authority
It`s been quite the week (and a half!). Last weekend we had two conferences with Elder Pino (one half of the mission one day, and the second half the second day). It was SO wonderful! Elder Pino and his wife gave some wonderful instruction to us! My companion and I had an interview with Elder Pino after a Mission Leadership Council he had with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders as well! He is such a wonderful man!

On Tuesday we didn't have our Preparation day because we were with the departing missionaries at the Temple and in the mission home. It was weird to see the last two Elders from my generation go home! I'm the missionary with the most time in the entire mission!! #Old! And by the way, two years ago today I entered the MTC in Provo! WOW! Time flies.

We went to one of the farthest zones in exchanges with the Zone Leaders and it was AWESOME! Elder Cux (my companion before Elder Woodward) is up there with Elder Anderson. They just got something put in called the Mexicable which is like a tram to get up the mountain! There are seven stations and they are ALL in their area...There area is probably 5 times bigger than ours...they use the tram to get up and down so we got to use it! It was awesome!

We had to take an old fridge out of our house down the 5 flights of stares...It was a HUGE fridge that honestly I have NO idea how it got up there in the first place...but after about an hour of twisting and turning we got it down!

This week we started teaching the Stake President`s brother, Fabian, He is SO amazing! He has known the church for almost 13 years but has never been interested, but has been progressing amazingly in these last few days. Last night we went with him and he accepted to be baptized on November 26th at 6PM, so pray for him please so that everything can work out!

Just so you all know, for my next (and last) few P-days I won`t have a lot of time to write so don`t be offended if I don`t respond until sometime in December, I`ll do my best!


Elder Davies

Elder Rafael E. Pino

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