Monday, November 7, 2016

102 - Four Investigators at Church, Zone Activity - Hamburgers!

Dearest Friends and Family,

What a week it has been! We have had a lot to do but things have been wonderful. This week we had four of our investigators in church, that was good! Next week we'll have even more!

Estela has been progressing a lot! My companion and I are really excited for the great progress she is making! A week ago she showed up to church after after a few months of not going and for the first time in a long time she stayed for all three hours! She loved it:) This week we were able to go visit her with Elder and Hermana Sosa (from Australia and originally Argentina) and we had a fantastic lesson with them! They both have had such amazing experiences that they were able to share with Estela that really encouraged and excited her! Her three daughters are already members (I did one of her daughters baptismal interviews over a year ago, one of them got baptized when I was here a year ago, and on got baptized a couple months after I left), so she is the only one left:)

Gilberto has been progressing very well too! He is so willing and loves to read. He still feels like he doesn't know very much (and of course there IS so much more for him to learn!), but he is ready. His baptismal date is Saturday so pray for him this week so that he can feel comfortable and make the right decision!

Juan Martín is doing SO great! We took a picture with him after church this week. He is basically a dry Mormon! Haha! He goes to institute every day and reads the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price! We had a testimony meeting with him and 7 other young single adults from the Stake and it was incredible! He is SO ready! Really the only thing that has been holding him back are some family things, please pray that his family can understand the choices he's making to come closer to God. He will be baptized VERY soon! Not sure exactly when, but VERY, VERY soon! :)

Today we had a Zone Activity that was lots of fun! A family from our ward came and helped us make this BEST hamburgers! It was a good day!

Our house is coming along...we are going to paint it tomorrow and we hope by next Tuesday it'll all be back together and ready to go!:)

Thank you all for you prayers! I can feel the help that they bring to my companion and I and our investigators! I also pray for you all often in all the things you are doing and I hope all is well!


Elder Davies

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